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  1. Leak Detector:

    New and improved! Prevent small leaks from causing big problems with a Restek leak detector.
    • Detects a broad range of gases and indicates leak severity with both an LED display and audible tone.
    • No more waiting for a full charge—can be operated during charging or used up to 12 hours between charges.
    • Charging kit includes both universal AC power adaptor and USB charging cable so you can charge anywhere, anytime.
    • Pinpoint very small gas leaks quickly and accurately before they cause damage and downtime.
    • Compact, handheld unit is easy to operate and convenient to use anywhere you need to check for leaks.
  2. Flow meter:

    The Restek ProFLOW 6000 is the only flowmeter you need for any type of chromatography gas measurement because of its wide range of capabilities. The ProFLOW 6000 is an electronic meter capable of measuring volumetric flow for most gases. Real-time measurements can be made for various types of flow paths, including continually changing gas types. This portable unit is designed for easy handheld use, and the stand adds benchtop convenience.

  3. Electronic Rechargeable Crimpers and Decappers with OLED Display Screen

    • Hundreds of operations from one charge.
    • Crisp OLED screen display lets you optimize crimping power for each cap type, monitor battery use, and view lifetime statistics.
    • Large battery allows for faster charge cycle and two sleep mode options extend battery life.
    • Easy to use; comfortable grip.
    • All kits include a universal plug set for the battery charger.
    • For use with 11 mm and 20 mm caps.
    • One-year warranty.