Chromatography Columns Chemistries and Consumables

Columns Reference Standards and QuEChERS Accessories Consumables
  • Certified vials, caps and septa kits

    “Shimadzu’s LabTotal Vials”
    High quality Silicon Polymer and cleaning Technique provides low blank level

    “Ready To Use” wide mouth with preset cap Includes “Quality Certificate” which guarantees high MS grade quality LabTotal Vials ensures the dimensions are matching from vial to vial, no contaminations from vials, caps and septa thus assuring true results

  • Liquid analysis 1.5ml, 2ml, 4ml, 40ml – For GC and HPLC auto-samplers, PP caps with and without holes, PTFE/ rubber, standard and high temperature septa – slit and non-slit types
  • Headspace analysis 20ml, 22ml – Round bottom and Flat bottom vials, designed specifically for Agilent, Shimadzu, PE, Thermo, CTC, Tekmar and Bruker headspace, normal and specially designed pressure release caps for safe operations, low and high temperature ultra clean septa, Aluminum non-magnetic and magnetic caps for use with any headspace
  • Microliter inserts for liquid samples to ensure no wastage of costly and precious sample / standard with and without plastic springs
Vials, Caps & Septa

Syringes for liquid and headspace applications (Various combinations of needle size, gauge, ID and OD, shape to suite various applications having manual and auto injectors, elastic / PTFE tipped plungers for typical critical applications)

  • Shimadzu gas filters with visual indicator suggesting replacement
  • Easy to replace filters with zero downtime
  • Double packaging to prevent contamination of gases with environmental impurities /vapors.
Advantages of High Purity gases:
  • Very stable baseline
  • Very low baseline noise
  • Increases analysis sensitivity
  • Increases column life thus reducing running cost
  • Prevents damage to critical GC components
Gas Filter
  • Glass liners for Shimadzu GC
  • Injection port Septa for Shimadzu GC
  • Injection and detector adapters for Shimadzu GC
Gas Liner
  • Glass liners – Sky liners, Deactivated liners (For Agilent, PE, Thermo and Bruker instruments)
  • Genuine consumables for Agilent, PE and Thermo GC and HPLC
  • Column jointers with least dead volume
  • Column cutters
  • Installation tools, fittings, tubes, gas filters, regulators, Syringe filters etc
Column Cutter
Glass Liner
Syringe Filters