Toshvin is a leading supplier of Analytical Instruments in India. We represent Shimadzu Corporation, Japan for their wide range of analytical instruments.


Nexis GC-2030 GC-2010 Pro GC-2014 GC-2025 Nexis SCD-2030 Tracera GC System GC HS-20 NX HS-10 AOC-6000
  • System comes ready to run liquid and headspace samples using four sample vial sizes: 1mL, 2mL, 10mL, and 20mL
  • Robotic tool change (RTC) units can automatically switch between different sample injection techniques using the tool exchange park station
  • Integrated software that comes equipped with six built in methods (liquid, headspace, SPME, sample dilution, internal standard addition, and derivatization) and method scripts can be customized to perform additional functions.
  • Overlapping function for samples that need pretreatment heightens the analysis efficiency
  • Accommodates multiple GC/MS Sample Introduction Methods for liquid injection, headspace injection, solid-phase microextraction (SPME) etc.
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