Small but Mighty

  • Smaller, simpler, and easier to use – without compromising performance.
  • This innovative space-saving GC system offers exceptional analytical performance within a robust, contemporary design, effectively catering to the analysis requirements of diverse industries' laboratories.
  • Eco-friendly design reduces power consumption by 30% compared to standard GCs. Additionally, it significantly decreases helium usage and facilitates operations using alternative carrier gases.
  • All gases, including injector carrier gas and detector gases, are under complete electronic control via advanced flow controller and advanced pressure controller.
  • Unrivaled FID sensitivity of 1.5 pgC/s (dodecane), ensuring robustness and a broad linear dynamic range.
  • Unmatched sensitivity in alternative detectors such as ECD and FPD, enabling trace-level analysis of specific analytes that these selective detectors respond to.
  • Incorporation of a column protection feature to regulate the column oven's cooling rate, safeguarding columns susceptible to abrupt temperature changes.
  • GC Remote Display installed on a PC or tablet to monitor the device status and perform operations.
  • Equipped with built-in Analytical Intelligence, including a Two-position locking mechanism that ensures leak-free sealing using ClickTek™ Nut and Clean Pilot. Additionally, it automatically conducts column conditioning before commencing analysis. Users have the option to configure automatic baseline checking as well.

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