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Nexis GC-2030 GC-2010 Pro GC-2014 GC-2025 Nexis SCD-2030 Tracera GC System GC HS-20 NX HS-10 AOC-6000
Ultimate Solution for Residual Solvent and Volatiles Organic Compound Analysis
  • Valve and Loop based headspace system with innovative design by direct interface with GC/GCMS
  • Higher reproducibility through unique vial heating in oven, minimizes heat loss and increases thermal stability
  • Unique isolation gas flow to achieve ultra-low carryover <0.0001% for maximum data reliability
  • Super short transfer line for excellent repeatability of 0.7%.
  • Available as Loop (Static) and Trap (Static + Dynamic) model and switch to perform ultra-sensitive analysis anytime using trap mode analysis
  • 90 vial sample capacity for high throughput with 5 stage vial mixer/shaker and 12 vial incubator for overlap analysis to save valuable analysis time
  • Interface Temperature 350°C and Vial Temperature 300°C, extends analysis from low to high boiling points compounds
  • Totally inert sample flow line with Sulfinert® 1 ml sample loop as standard
  • Electronic carrier gas control through AFC and vial pressurization with APC for unmatched accuracy and RT reproducibility
  • Complete all vial leak check, vial pressure monitors and release function for safe operation
  • Complete compliance with USP Residual Solvent requirements
  • Software capabilities include Multiple Headspace Extraction (MHE) and Method Development Mode (MDM)
  • Supported by Shimadzu LabSolution GC Software with 21 CFR part 11 compliance
  • Easy operator maintenance for replacement of column, sample loop and needle
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