Toshvin is a leading supplier of Analytical Instruments in India. We represent Shimadzu Corporation, Japan for their wide range of analytical instruments.

Informatics Solutions

LabSolutions iLIMs(LIMS, QMS, DMS, eBRM)

LabSolutions CS Network

Smart Secure Scalable “One Stop Solution” for your compliance needs
Total Support for Regulatory Compliance
Total Laboratory Data Management
  • One stop solution for Shimadzu UV, FTIR, GC, HPLC, LCMS, ICPMS and Thermal Systems
  • Seamless integration for Agilent and Thermo GC and HPLC
  • Connectivity to Shimadzu GCMS, TQMS, AAS, TOC through MID
  • Electronic Record / Electronic Signature
Complete IQ/OQ Documentation Available
Centralized, Safe and Secure Data Management
  • Complete data stored on server
  • Data base structure with safe and secure data
  • Centralized control for user groups management, policy settings and projects
  • Transfer of method, batch and report to server
Project Management Concept
  • Project management with project access rights
Complete Audit Trails for System, Applications and User Management
  • Logs are directly stored on server for complete security
  • Instrument longs are also stored on server directly
User-Friendly Operating Environment
  • Complete operating status on single screen
  • Powerful search engine
  • Uninterrupted chromatography analysis even when server is down
  • Customized spreadsheet reports through optional multi data report
  • Powerful tool of “Create Report Set” to compile data from various instruments in one report with their logs
  • Concurrent user license concept

LabSolutions i-Package

Ideal economical solution for network compliance
LabSolutions i-Package
  • Cost effective solution
  • Incorporates all LabSolutions CS capabilities
  • Connects unlimited Shimadzu spectro systems
  • Connects up to 15 chromatography systems
  • Minimum investment on server hardware
  • Can be upgraded for more chromatography system

Integration for other laboratory equipment

MID (Multiple Instruments Data Registration)
  • Data archival and storage
  • Data retrieval into application software

LabSolutions DB

Ideal solution for standalone compliance for Shimadzu spectroscopy and chromatography systems