Mass Spectrometry

  • Highly sensitive EI system with higher scan rate upto 30.000amu/sec and built with analytical intelligence workflows
  • New structured inert DuraEase Ion Source achieves a uniform temperature distribution, resulting in high sensitivity and exceptional durability.
  • A contamination-resistant ion optical system keeps the frequency of maintenance to a minimum while also enabling highly reliable measurements to be performed for an extended period.
  • Ion source structure has been completely revised, in pursuit of more convenient maintenance and developed long life filament as optional to enhance productivity.
  • GCMS-QP2050 comes with the option of offering either Brevis GC-2050 or Nexis GC-2030 and, turbomolecular pump with 65 ltr/sec and 255 ltr/sec, provides configuration flexibility that can be configured as per application need and productivity tools.
  • Maximize efficiency of the Entire Workflow by equipping the system and software with Analytical Intelligence, our latest user support technology

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