Chromatography Columns Chemistries and Consumables

Columns Reference Standards and QuEChERS Accessories Consumables
Reference Standards and QuEChERS from Restek
  • Various types of Fame mixtures, Fragrance material test mixes, transfat reference standards, PEG (neat) for Food labs
  • VOA mixtures (Chloromethane, Chloroethane), PAH mixture, SV mix, CLP method calibration std etc for Environmental and Pollution control
  • Ethylene Oxide std, VOA stock mix, Pharmaceutical Impurities stds etc for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • VOA Mega mix drinking water, VOA stock standards Mega mix w/Gases for testing laboratories
  • QuEChERS
  • GC detectors test mix / validation standards
  • Gas standards and canisters
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Reference Standards
QuEChERS from Shimadzu
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